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Transmission Repair Council Bluffs

Transmission Repair Council BluffsAAMCO's experts will thoroughly diagnose your problem before beginning any repairs, so that we can fix your transmission problem correctly. Our multi-point transmission scan service allows us to pinpoint your transmission's exact problems.

First, an AAMCO technician will check your transmission fluid's condition and level, and also the condition and level of your transfer case and differential fluid, if necessary.

Then, he will take your vehicle for a test drive to evaluate the handling and performance and to experience any driveability issues you have been having first-hand. The AAMCO technician will evaluate your car's upshift timing and quality, downshift timing and quality, initial engagements, handling in each drive range including passing gear, performance in reverse and neutral, and TCC engagement. Your technician will also listen for any unusual noises or vibrations.

After the road test, we use a lift to inspect the following components on your vehicle's undercarriage:

  • Mounts
  • Final drive
  • U-joints and CV joints
  • Pan gasket
  • Shift cable and linkage
  • TV/detent cable and linkage
  • Ground connections
  • Vacuum connections
  • Harness connections
  • Wires

The AAMCO multi-point transmission scan allows our technicians to identify most transmission problems so that we can offer you the repair service you need. If, however, our thorough external check cannot diagnose the source of your problem, we will run further tests before recommending a rebuilt transmission.

Computer and Internal Diagnostics:
To ensure that our technicians only conduct the repairs you need, AAMCO of Council Bluffs has equipped them with tools to conduct advanced internal computer diagnostics. Many modern vehicles are controlled by on-board computers, so your transmission problem may in fact originate in faulty signals from this computer. Technicians perform AAMCO Computer Diagnostic Service so that we can pinpoint any malfunctioning electronic components that may be affecting your transmission or any other systems in your car.

We connect our AAMCO Kwiktest PlusBox to your car to determine whether the problem lies in the transmission itself or in the computer system. This advanced scanner can retrieve any trouble codes from your vehicle, and we use the proprietary AAMCO technical database to review this data, because it's the most comprehensive diagnostic source available.

Your AAMCO technician will also inspect all of your vehicle's electronic components, including solenoids, sensors, and any wiring that connects to the transmission, to determine if anything needs to be replaced.

The thorough diagnostic approach we use sets AAMCO of Council Bluffs apart, and we can confidently offer you the services you need to get back behind the wheel of your vehicle and out on the road again.

AAMCO will never offer you a transmission rebuild unless our technicians have determined beyond a shadow of a doubt that you need this service. More than half the time, we discover that our customers' cars only require minor repairs to get them back on the road again.

When we do rebuild transmissions, AAMCO uses only the highest quality components, and we back up our work with the best warranties in the nation, including our entry-level no-questions-asked warranty and our top-tier lifetime warranty.

If you are experiencing transmission problems, bring your car to AAMCO of Council Bluffs today and let our highly qualified technicians show you why we have been among America's most trusted transmission repair experts for almost 50 years.

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